Thread on ePioneers

How can Web3 reward the owners of carbon sinks (large swaths of green land) for capturing and storing carbon?   🌱🌳

With tokenized carbon credits of course! Meet Ilana Milkes - tokenizer of carbon credits and builder of @epioneergo. 👩‍💻 

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Carbon credits are like permission slips that let companies pollute. ⛽️

They get a set # of credits to start out with. If they need more, then they can buy more.

Cool side effect: this creates a secondary market for carbon capturers!

In other words, companies will pay you for the credits you make by capturing carbon.🤯

But this current system is inefficient, bureaucratic, and opaque.

That’s where @epioneergo steps in.

ePioneer turns land into tokens with three steps.

1️⃣ Calculate how much carbon a plot of land can absorb. The more you can absorb, the more credits you get.

2️⃣ Tokenize that land.

3️⃣ Sell the tokens to companies who need carbon credits.

Credits currently sell for $10 per ton of CO2.

If you took a chunk of the Amazon Rainforest the size of Metropolitan Miami, you’d get $1333 in credits for it. 🌴

But the entire Amazon could go for $100 million USD.🤑

ePioneers is also working with CityCoins to track the carbon footprints of cities and to empower residents to shrink it.

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