PStanley Town Hall Thread on Cities as Nodes in the NetState

What role would existing cities play in future network states?

@PatrickWStanley sahred his thesis that “cities should be nodes in a network state” in yesterday’s CityCoins town hall.

Here are his 3 reasons:

1) Building a new city is 100 to 1,000 x harder than building a startup.

It is easier to transform a city into a Bitcoin-friendly place run by a DAO than it is to start a city from scratch.

2) Existing cities have strong brands that are worth claiming.

For example: You don’t have to live in New York to support the yankees.

3) Cities already have a high concentration of citizens.

Organizing a critical mass is easy because cities already have one! A city is a collection of customers.

To conclude: Transforming existing cities into crypto-enabled protocols is an efficient way to create nodes in the network state.