Hackathon Thread

Miami For Everyone’s Hackathon was a success!

200 attendees submitted 10 projects, and three winners using CityCoins & Clarity won $7,000 in prizes 💸

Notari won 1st place 🥇 (link to tweets about Notari below, same goes for other 2) https://twitter.com/mineCityCoins/status/1540360930776690690?s=20&t=X07VfSWh9qMuwCq3Cx6tQQ

FlexOOffice won 2nd place 🥈 https://twitter.com/mineCityCoins/status/1540362591129587712?s=20&t=X07VfSWh9qMuwCq3Cx6tQQ

There were 10 total submissions for the Clarity/MiamiCoin challenge from graduates of our Clarity Bootcamp.

(Andre quote screenshot)

Click below to read the full recap of the Hackathon! Thanks to @erickgavin7 and @venturemiami for hosting.