Why web3 requires a community

i.e. why modern cities require a community strategy


With web2.0 as a parallel, explain why community is so important to web3 (companies, products, cities, etc.)


Intro: Why community is so important to web3

  • Define: What is community (in the context of web3)
  • i.e. you need to leverage your community to be successful in the new paradigm
  • Set the scene: Web1 = read; web2 = +write, web3 = +own

Why Web2.0 was all about product strategy

  • users were the product, and it’s all about the product;
    • web2: people were harvested as the product; the product owns you
      • Parallel: in web3, users own the product; the community owns the product
    • “a _______ product is proof of market.”
      • Wanted to keep this line to parallel the “healthy community is proof of market” for web3, but I’m unsure what the

Why web3 is all about community strategy

  • because community is now the catalyst and foundation for success (vs. product)
  • i.e. you don't have a community, you don't have a product or company
  • it’s all about the collective; you need the collective to have impact; crypto with a community of one has no value (i.e. can’t marshal mines towards goals; can’t validate idea because there is no market)
    • “a healthy community is proof of market”
    • people have a shared interest in the success of an idea (i.e. people hold MIA because they believe in the project and they want to see it succeed)
  • Democratization of stakeholding
  • web3: people are empowered by the product; people own the product

The benefits of a healthy community:

  • Communities share messages: Spread a message (i.e. infect others with the meme; we don’t have ideas, ideas have us)
  • Community catalyze beliefs: The more people that have the meme in their head, the more exponential reach
  • Communities unite actions: The more aligned a community, the more they can act together to create exponentially more impactful actions (i.e. to move far, work together; to move fast, work alone)
  • Communities inspire action: We can do more good if we’re able to “Crowd act” and people have a shared interest in a community’s success

CONCLUSION: Modern governments need community strategies


Why governments require community strategy could use more explanation. In the context of companies and product, our argument makes sense. But we’re only drawing the parallel right now; we’re not actually connecting it to “web3 governments”, their future, and/or their needs.

Web 1- Read

Web2 - Read + Write

Web3 - Read + Write + Own