What does a successful CityCoins city look like?


  • Define key outcome of post (i.e. goal)
  • Refine sections based on key city needs/problems (i.e. challenge of the public commons)
  • Draft

i.e. hypothetical case studies that sells the fully realized CityCoins vision

e.g. CityCoins in 2025 and 2040


Messages to incorporate:

  • Every city will have its own way of doing things
  • A city can’t lose on this (there’s no downside)
    • Potential expectation to set: buying CityCoins should be treated as...
      • An opt-in tax donation
      • A programmable unit to help improve life for citizens and stakeholders

NFT sponsorship (i.e. open source your city to be sponsored by a global market that wants to help.)

  • e.g. Bid to sponsor Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park
    • Funds go towards maintenance and beautification projects for NYC residents + tourists (i.e. solving tragedy of the commons)

Public data dashboards

  • re: COVID has underlined the value of publicly-accessible data to drive civic decisions

Modern city KPIs (create accountability, which is why most cities have avoided them until now)

  • Citizen health
  • City happiness

New sources of revenue

Expanding a city’s digital borders

  • i.e. a city creating a digital archipelago

BTC dividend (re: MIA example)

  • It’s fraught, but “capitalism created socialism via UBI” here

“A small group of people moving into your city can raise housing prices more than you expect.”

  • i.e. lack of liquidity means housing market can’t absorb minor demand
  • Imagine if a fee was required to buy or rent new homes in a city via CityCoins.
    • Every voting citizen gets a stream of CityCoins, then every citizen receives an offset proportional to their stake in the city

“Wouldn’t you want your mayor campaigning to earn CC?”

  • to show they have skin in the game and want their city to be successful