How CityCoins can earn revenue for a city (and its city's residents)

  • SUB: How Miami could turn its coin into a digital oil field that its residents own
  • i.e. how CC could support UBI
  • CONTEXT: This is socialism meets capitalism; an opportunity to brand a new kind of UBI
    • (In the US, UBI is a hated term, so we'll use something like "freedom dividend")
      • re: to get away from UBI, we could frame CC as a natural resource; e.g. "digital oil field"; "application-layer" around city; "oil-producing country"
    • Don't overpromise (how much people can earn)
    • Frame it as educational
    • Denominate BTC in satoshis (0.00000001 BTC)
  • Technical details: If MIA gets used as a currency in Miami, everyone earns more BTC. When CC demand increases, the price increases, incentivizing more miner throughput. As more economic activity takes place, demand, price, and throughput are all increased. (i.e. At current issuance schedule, MIA should increase in price)