Every city should be a web3 city

i.e. modern cities can do more for their residents. here’s how


Cities are capable of “network effects,” but this feature is underutilized in modern cities.


Intro: Cities have network effects but don’t utilize them

Define: What are network effects?

  • it may make more sense to first explain them as a product feature, or in the context of web2.0

Explain: What network effects can do for a city

Examples: Past or potential examples of a city’s network effects

CONCLUSION: CityCoins empower a city's (underutilized) network effects

  • Summarize crucial takeaways necessary to understand main takeaway



Prior to drafting this post, we need resources on:

  • CC definition of network effects
  • How does CC define network effects in the context of a city
  • What are some past or potential examples of a modern city’s network effects?