CityCoins in April, 2022

Protocol Upgrades

  1. Vote passed, upgrades were activated on Thurs, May 5th. If you hold CityCoins in a non-custodial wallet you need to upgrade your tokens to retain compatibility with the protocol. read last week’s post to learn more
  2. More people building on CC than ever:
    1. Accelerator teams announced + Builders showcases
      1. Highlight top projects: momentum / development in projects we previously covered in Builders calls (StacksDegens, Theopetra, StackerDAO, etc) + new teams like Zeer, Swapi, E8 Internet
    2. MiamiCoin Web3 Developer camp
      1. Huge interest, cohort 1 focusing on serving Miami residents, stay tuned for news on cohort 2
    3. Erick Gavin post
  3. CityCoins 2.0: Community has momentum around using CityCoins as governance token + decentralizing activations
    1. Link to 2.0 post + full 2.0 presentation from Stacks BTC event in Miami
    2. Decentralizing activations (smart nonsense vid)
  • BTC unleashed Miami rounding
    • CityCoins lounge
    • Patrick Q&A with Isaiah (link to video)

CityCoins (community?) signal

  • Community has organized new working groups, encourage people to join + contribute (take language from Derek’s discord posts on this)
  • CityCoiner is expanding (link