Bitcoin is more American than most Americans

NOTE: This post has a lot of risk/reward potential for audiences (re: BTC maximalists, American citizens, and government officials). We should consider these audiences, and their potential reactions, prior to publishing.

i.e. Bitcoin is the most American currency you can own.

  • BB here: I’d love feedback on this potential title, particularly in the context of the risk/reward of this post and its audiences.


Utilizing BTC’s existing brand cache (i.e. the stuff that BTC maximalists love) and the USA’s brand cache (i.e. the stuff that patriots love), draw parallels between BTC’s features and the “features” of being American.


Intro: Bitcoin is more American than most Americans

Define: What makes something “American”

Most Americans are from immigrant families...

Most Americans are emmigrants...

Emmigration is America’s best feature

Bitcoin empowers financial emmigration

  • i.e. the benefit of markets being everywhere is that people can financially emigrate ("exit") almost instantaneously


  • Create a comparison list of stuff that BTC does that USD cannot

CONCLUSION: Bitcoin is more American than the US Dollar

CTA: Why CC builds on BTC


Because of the risk/reward potential of this post, more CC definition and feedback is required than normal.

  • How is CC definining “American”
  • How BTC is better (or worse) than USD
  • More context around the USA as a home for immigration/emmigration, and drawing a narrative line to BTC as a technology that embodies and empowers those features