Governance Council - Patrick

Submitted by: Patrick

We’ve had several great conversations about potential governance structures and have discussed some awesome ideas. I keep coming back to one core question: What is the simplest, fastest, and most easily replicable model that would ensure we as a community avoid diffusion of focus/over-complication AND that will ensure city treasury funds begin to generate value to their cities in the immediate/short-term. My clearest thinking on this is consolidated into this proposal: Proposal: A simple, focused governance model: • A panel of 5 city residents elected by stacking token hodlers to become a council. • The panels sole mandate is to allocate funds within the framework of a community-agreed-upon charter. • Who can vote in/out panel members? Must be stakeholders who have proven commitment to CityCoins e.g. have stacked their tokens for X period of time • How to ensure the City itself remains involved and engaged? Maybe the mayor or city council can veto selection of board members, or we allow for more seats to activate if the city decides to take those seats Benefits of the panel model: • By limiting city treasury/endowment withdrawals this model doesn't deplete city funds (KEY to longevity and sustainability) • This model avoids creation and management of more complex DAO (panel can utilize them if needed) and can reduce voter fatigue. • The panel model is nimble + flexible: They are free to appoint a leader, fund sub-DAOs, take salaries themselves if working full-time. BUT token holders would be able to vote them out if/as needed. (see ENS as an example…in fact also would have the same setup basically).