CityCoins Protocol Upgrade

Upgrade Status

Upgrade Vote

The vote is over with overwhelming support for the upgrade! 135 votes yes / 1 vote no: https://vote.minecitycoins.com

Upgrade Progress

MIA and NYC are officially upgraded!

Note regarding conversions:

If you see your balance * 1,000,000 then you may have run across a display bug in the explorer or wallet. CityCoins now have 6 decimal places and it's being shown incorrectly on some accounts. After a conversion you have the same amount of CityCoins, and we'll work to file issues and feel free to share info in the Discord if any questions.

Upgrade Timing

The implementation must occur before the MiamiCoin token contract passes 35,000 blocks since activation, which activates the next halving per the new emissions schedule. (100k → 50k per block)

MiamiCoin was activated at Stacks block 24,497, so the upgrade needs to be complete by 59,497.

The target for the upgrade is Thursday, May 5th, 5pm PST.

!! The target block height for the upgrade is 58,905. !!

!! Miners should NOT mine-many past block 58,905 or funds will be lost !!

Reward Cycles

The upgrade will occur in the middle of reward cycles for both MIA/NYC.

Start Block
End Block

With the upgrade targeted for Stacks block 58,905:

  • v1 mining will continue with 70%/30% split until shutdown block height
  • v1 mining will stop at the shutdown block height (don’t mine past it!)
  • v2 registration will open one block before the shutdown block height
  • v2 mining will begin once 20 wallets register with no delay
  • v2 mining will start with 100% to the city until the current cycle ends
  • v2 stacking will be available for the next cycle until the current cycle ends

Contract Status

The contracts are near complete save fixing the bug found around get-entitled-stacking-reward. If time allows, this bug will be patched before mainnet contracts are created and deployed.

Deployer addresses for the contracts are below:

    • miamicoin-auth-v2
    • miamicoin-core-v1-patch
    • miamicoin-core-v2
    • miamicoin-token-v2
    • newyorkcitycoin-auth-v2
    • newyorkcitycoin-core-v1-patch
    • newyorkcitycoin-core-v2
    • newyorkcitycoin-token-v2
  • The NYC address will also be used to deploy the new base contracts
    • citycoin-core-v2-trait
    • citycoin-token-v2-trait
    • citycoin-vrf-v2

Next Steps

  • convert V1 CityCoins to V2, convert-to-v2 in v2 token contracts
  • claim future CityCoins from V1 core contract
    • do not claim for the current cycle (MIA: 16, NYC: 10) until the cycle is complete
    • use a tool like FATSTX to see which cycles to claim for
  • 20 users register in v2 core contract for MIA/NYC
  • mining and stacking will resume in V2 contracts

General Information

The changes for the upcoming protocol upgrade and the voting method are summarized in the following GitHub issues:

The progress on implementing the CCIPs can be tracked in this issue: Implement Community Upgrade #172, which covers the tasks remaining items, and links to other related issues and pull requests.

The CCIPs describe the protocol changes in-depth, and are stored at the CityCoins Governance repo. The CCIPs for the upgrade are in Activation-in-Progress status! 👏👏

The CCIPs are being voted on through CCIP-011: CityCoins Stacked Tokens Voting and the voting period is defined in Stacks blocks.

  • The vote started at Stacks block 55,150
  • The vote ended at Stacks block 57,249
  • The vote duration was 2,100 Stacks blocks, or about 2 weeks

There were two smart contracts created to implement the voting method described in CCIP-011:

  • citycoin-tardis-v2: a smart contract that returns CityCoin information at historical block heights
  • citycoins-vote-v1: a smart contract that tracks votes for the proposed CCIPs above

The tardis and voting contract source code is stored in the main smart contract repository and uses the same testing environment.

Community Call Recordings

Impact List

Trying to gather everything/everyone that would be affected by a major protocol change, and create a space where we can share the migration path with others in the same or similar categories.

Feel free to comment/add items or information!

CityCoins API

CityCoins Documentation

CityCoins Website

CityCoins User Interfaces

  • minecitycoins.com
  • minemiamicoin.com
  • syvitamining.com
  • cityswaps.com

Mining Dashboards

  • miamining.com
  • mining.nyc


  • Xverse
  • Hiro

Ecosystem Projects

  • Blockmo
  • 1Huddle
  • FatSTX
  • Frens
  • Syvita
  • Degens
  • CityPacks

NFT Marketplaces

Note: may be mitigated by new mint with any SIP-010 proposal

Thought: what if a collection isn’t sold out completely minted?


External Sites

  • coingecko.com
  • coinmarketcap.com
  • nomics.com


  • Okcoin


  • Arkadiko
  • ALEX
  • StacksSwap