CityCoins Chapter Program


The CityCoins Chapter program is a community-run initiative to increase engagement and awareness in local cities. Each chapter will be responsible for organizing activities to build grassroots support for their CityCoin. Chapters will serve as a central touchpoint for city residents, municipal governments, and the DAO.


To educate local communities about CityCoins and onboard users to the ecosystem


The priorities of the chapter will be determined by its community. Chapters will generally encourage residents to connect and collaborate on projects that support the general mission of CityCoins. At a minimum, Chapters will be expected to implement the following initiatives:


  • Community calls
  • Meet ups and events
  • Maintaining the CityCoins Chapter Wiki
  • Educational initiatives
  • Hackathons
  • Incubator program(s)
  • Grants program


Each Chapter must nominate a Chapter Lead to ensure ongoing progress toward Chapter goals. In the future Chapter Leads may be elected by holders of that city’s CityCoin.

Budget & Funding:

  • Each chapter can apply to receive funding for growth initiatives from the city’s treasury wallet
  • Funding requests should contain the Chapter’s budget in detail. The proposal should reference a spreadsheet that includes the budget’s line items.